Best Short

MOON DROPS by Yoram Ever-Hadani

A factory worker assembles an enigmatic machine that produces liquid drops from the moonlight.


Best Student Short

SPACEMAN by Paula Suidgeest Alvarez

A peculiar young man dresses in a spacesuit, as a way to cope with the passing of his parents, what helps him with his trauma is his chaotic next-door neighbor. 

Best Feature Film

IL DIRITTO ALLA FELICITA' by Claudio Rossi Massimi

 It is the story of a friendship between different generations, different nationalities, experiences of different life. Libero is a keen used book seller and Essien is a kid immigrant who has lived in Italy for a few years. The friendship between the two passes through the books that Libero lends to Essien and the complicity between them grows parallel to the emotions that each of these novels can give. Essien meets the West through his literature, Free brings to fulfill the meaning of his name by trying to make out of Essien a free man. Life, with his commandments, will have an ending melancholy, but nothing is lost where there is complicity and affection... 

Best Short Doc.

GEORGE FLOYD: SAY THEIR NAMES by Cristopher Owens and Alyssa Dann

When will the "last" time be the LAST time? Chris Oledude's single "George Floyd" has now been re-presented in the powerful video, "George Floyd: Say Their Names." America's struggle for equality and fairness throughout law enforcement parallels those struggles faced by minority groups in every society where the majority feels empowered to disregard civil and human rights. The powerful protests that erupted worldwide after George Floyd's murder in May, 2020, are celebrated here. The enduring power of Black women as determined healers of a torn community is celebrated here. The victims had names. We honor their lives by saying their names.
The pressure for change must continue. No justice? No peace!

Best Actor

Remo Girone for Il diritto alla felicità

Best Actress

Jelena Stupljanin for Moon Drops

Best Supporting Actor

Lucas Oktay for A tattoo for Christmas

Best Supporting Actress

Bethany Burnside for Falafel

Best Male Director

Mike Spence for Covid Tale: House Party

Best Female Director

Alexandra Bekiou for Als die welle brach 

Best Cinematography

Moon Drops

Best Editing

ENIGMA - The Fallen Angel

Best Music

Babylon: ghetto, renaissance and modern oblivion


Best Screenplay

Hide your love away

Best Idea

Climate Killer

Best Horror Movie

Miss Mary Mack


Best Thriller Movie

ENIGMA - The Fallen Angel


Best Comedy


Best Romantic Movie



Best Fantasy Sci-Fi Movie


Best Drama Movie

Mi Casa Su Blanca


Best Italian Movie



Best Acting Ensemble

Climate Killer

Best LGBT Movie



Honorable Mention

Who is It? 


Special Mention



Special Mention

Invisible World 


Special Mention