Best Short

TO MY PINK LADY by Alexo Wandael 

"Life does not always go as we may have planned or dreamed.
But sometimes, the human spirit will push back and challenge life’s limitations.
With a photograph created for her best friend Dakota, Cristina finds a way for their bond to transcend time and to be able to “grow old” together."


Best Student Short


" Fiammetta lives in a small village clinging to the mountain, she is ten years old and has a dream: to become an opera singer. When she doesn't have to help her mother with the flower shop, she goes behind the scenes of the theater near her home to spy on the rehearsals. One day Fiammetta has to make a delivery and walks with her friend Rocco through the labyrinthine streets of the town. But suddenly they run into a strange house ...the home of a Witch! Fiammetta is attracted to something that glitters on the table: a pair of theater binoculars. She looks inside it and see herself as young woman, standing in the middle of a big stage with a bouquet of red roses in her hand, blinded by the spotlights. The seasons pass, the flowers bloom..."

Best Feature Film by George Carson

Comedy drama set in Scotland. Two young adults embark on a rollercoaster ride involving internet dating.

The two lead characters Sharon & Kevin are under pressure from friends and family to find a partner, so they are encouraged to sign up to internet dating site. This leads to several different hilarious ‘dates’ which they both find challenging.

Egged on by their friends they continue their quest until their separate paths through this adventure finally come together. This leads them to a set of highly unexpected circumstances.

Best Short Doc.

PAYAL I SEE YOU by Shruti Sharma 

Payal_I See Now, is a story of a young girl, who suffered from cataract, a treatable problem yet responsible for permanent blindness in kids. Due to her inability to see clearly, Payal becomes a butt of joke of her classmates. Her courageous side comes forward once she undergoes surgery and Payal is able to follow her dreams. She loves to study and wants to work in Indian Railways in future. Vision has brought hope in her life.

Best Actor

Joris Adu as "Hubert" in The True Love of Hubert by Joris Adu

Best Actress

Cristina Rambaldi  as "Cristina" in To My Pink Lady directed by Alexo Wandael

Best Supporting Actor

Matteo Canesin in Nerina by Alessandro Della Casa 

Best Supporting Actress

Francesca Innocenti in Blood Theory directed by Luca Elmi

Best Male Director

Alexo Wandael for To My Pink Lady

Best Female Director

Carla Di Ilio for The Forgotten Rose 

Best Cinematography

THE AVANT-GARDENER by Katt, Matarazzo, Kipp, Byrd

Best Editing

FORTISSIMO by Janine Piguet 

Best Music


Best Screenplay

COMING UP FOR AIR by Robert Cicchini 

Best Idea

MOTHER MARIAM by Mustafa Gurbuz

Best Horror Movie

TALES OF A FALLING MAN by Luca Nicolosi and Andrea Dragoni

Best Thriller Movie

BLOOD THEORY by Luca Elmi 

Best Comedy

PENG by Martin Thaler 

Best Romantic Movie


Best Acting Ensemble

Coming Up for Air by Robert Cecchini 

Best Fantasy Sci-Fi Movie

MOON ON FIRE by Pierfrancesco Bigazzi

Best Drama Movie

W by Stelios Koupetoris 

Best Italian Movie

AS A FISH OUT OF WATER by Alessandro Marano

Best Animation Movie

MOTHER AND MILK by Ami Lindholm

Best LGBT Movie

THE SUIT by Maurizio Ravallese



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