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Non mi posso lamentare by Elisa Billi and Cristiana Mecozzi – Italy

Portrait of a Woman at Dawn by Cullen Douglas – United States

Monstrus Circus by Jordan Inconstant – France

Anacronte by Raul Koler and Emiliano Sette – Argentina

Every (damn) Day (Ogni (Maledetto) Giorno) by Andrea Olindo Bizzarri – Italy

On Air by Sebastiaan Rook – Netherland

It Takes a (Video) Village aka The Last Flicker by Zack Kron – United States

Now or Never by Rose Schimm – Canada

Non è vero by Sergiy Pudich – Ukraine

Ainhoa by Ivan Sainz-Pardo – Spain

Arch-Rival (最强对手) by Liu Qiang – China

Geeble: a short film by John Jeffrey Martin – United States

Shadowland by Bellopropello – Switzerland

Hornzz by Lena Franzz – Brazil

Save by Ivan Sainz-Pardo – Spain

Boxed by Wanjiru Njendu – United States

The Secretary by Suvan Naidu – South Africa

Deilos by Andrea Sanna – Italy

Map to the Stars (Mbyja rapégüyto) by Pedron Jaen R. – Paraguay

Kneeling Sheep by Hai Rihan – China

Violet Rain by Shaun Lupton – United States

Feline Paradox by Ben Reicher – United States

Cleats (Krampon) by Abdullah Sahin – Turkey

Who Are You? (Chi sei?) by Francesco Faralli – Italy

Bad Cop Bad Cop En Espanol by Lala Costa – United States

Lion’s Return by Thomas Bernecker – Germany

Falling Throught The Cracks by Valerie Rinder – United States

Birth by Andrea Cecconati – Italy

Dead Immortal by Zackary Denton – United States

Queen of The Night by Georgia Hunter – Canada

A quiet night (Una Serata Tranquilla) by Luca Bertossi – Italy

3 Reflections On Bad Art by David Hensley – United States

Those of Us by Kieran Bourne – United Kingdom

Veering (Cambiante) by Luis Fernando y Flores Galvàn – Mexico

Whisper by Lia Adams – United States

Conquer the World (Conquista il mondo) by Federico Del Buono – Italy

Split Decision by Tom Kondilas – United States

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff by Paul Stainthorpe – United Kingdom

The Souvenir by Bakhtiar Khalili – Iran

Maneuver by Demedrius Charles – United States

Melody by Anna Wheeler – Canada

Cavallo di Ritorno by Simone Gervasio – Italy

Reflection by Alessandra Romano – United States

Crave by Demedrius Charles – United States

Kintsugi: (金継ぎ) by Nico Malaspina – Italy

Like Wolves by Michael Silva - United States 
The Perfect Relationship (La Relación Perfecta) by Victor Mallo - Spain 
The Ostrich by Oscar Michel - France 
God by Ankit Sharma - India 
The angel (АНГЕЛ) by Skobun Serhii - Ukraine 
Gone (Disparue) by Joan Bentosela - France 
Neapolitan Legend (Legende Metropolitane) by Emanuele Pellecchia - Italy 
The Doorbell by Aalok Rathod - United States 
Scars of the Wounds by Ajay Anand - India 
Post Scriptum by Alessandro Cassa - Canada 
Loneliness and Thirst (Solitudine e sete) by Fedele Dalessandro - Italy 
Kukli by Shyama Sundar Majhi - India 
The Fairy by Gaston Stabiszewski - Germany 
Dear Gaia by Jean-Luc Servino - Italy 



Tlaloc Sacrificium by Ivan Lo Conte – United Kingdom

Static by Jackson Little – United States

Outsider (局外人) by Shujung Zeng – United States

In a Moment (In einem Moment) by Sharlin Lucia – Germany

Il Nido di vespe by Matteo Memè – Italy

USB by Detroit Hamell – United States

Ciao Bella by Marion Donnellier – United Kingdom

Zoe by Marta Krunic – Croatia

Beyond The Pointy Hat by Shannon Meilak – Australia

A Space Apart by Chris Duplock – United Kingdom

Sunder by Spencer Hetherington – Canada

Existence by Ian Fox – United States

Progress by Sofia Beltramini – United Kingdom

We Want Our Future! (Geleceğimizi İstiyoruz!) by Atom Saskal – Turkey

The Request by Bryan Suarez – United States

Our Father (Oče naš) by Sara Stijović - Montenegro 
Astarte (ΑΣΤΑΡΤΗ) by Evangelos Vrohidis - Greece 
The Minister by Ryan Watt - United Kingdom 
Letters to Ettie by Eleanor Webb-Thomas - United Kingdom 
1995 by Michaela Wadzinski - United States 
SnapShot by Semone Brown - United States 
Barcelona by Gloria Lattanzi - United Kingdom 
My Pleasure by Tadeusz Kabicz - Poland 
Echoes of Silence by Brad Sampson - United Kingdom 
Sonata by Barış Çankaya - Turkey 



Right Livelihood A Journey To Here by Tricia Brouk – United States

Val d’Oise Cup (Une Coupe du Val d’Oise) by Myriam Etman – France

Per un pelo by Carlo Piscicelli – Italy

Seven Days Alone by Dylan Werkman – Netherland

City Lights by Mehdi Ahmadi – Iran

Giovanni by Evgeny Makharadze – Russian Federation

Blame yourselves if no one comes (Skyll er själva om ingen kommer) by Gustav Egerstedt – Sweden

Post Ebola Sierra Leone by Maarten Slooves – Netherland

Stalin’s dark past by Jalaladdin Gasimov – Azerbaijan

Footstep (Ayak Izi) by Haydar Demirtas – Turkey

Humanitarian by Erick Fix – United States

Finish Line by Saeed Mayahy – Iran

The first success of Nobel brothers by Jalaladdin Gasimov – Azerbaijan

Evan, a survivor’s story  by Rafiqfuad Yarahmadi – United Kingdom

Virtual Memory by Julie Goldstein – United States

A Frame for Solitude by Mahmoud Azeri – Iran

Tutti i numeri hanno un nome by Diego Monfredini - Italy 
Let Me Tell You (Vou te contar) by Bruna Gala - Portugal 
Vergnacco - the village that is no more (Vergnacco - il paese che non c'è più) by Davide Ludovisi - Italy 





Buried Seeds by Andrei Severny – United States

Last Call by Gavin Michael Booth – Canada

Wasted Hours by Peter Mahaffey - United States

British Made by Simon Rickards - United Kingdom 
Team Marco by Julio Vincent Gambuto - United States

Blurred Vision by Ivan Elmer - Denmark 

The Night I Died by Jim Menza – United States

Fourteenth Day by Mahmoud Nazeri – Iran

Sholler’s Archive by Jalaladdin Gasimov – Azerbaijan

The Stars have no masters (Le stelle non hanno padroni) by Salvatore Bongiorno – Italy

Elena’s War Dance by Jennifer Treu – Australia

Super tinga hero from two continents (super tinga heròi de dois continentes) by Luciano Moucks – Brazil

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