Best Short

SYNTHETIC LOVE by Sarah Heitz De Chabaneix 

Diane, in her fifties, fantasizes about the enigmatic Pierre, who works with her at the gas station. When she wins a trip for two around France, she decides to invite him along. But she wasn’t aware that Pierre already has someone quite special in his life…. 

Best Student Short


Fiammetta lives in a small village clinging to the mountain, she is ten years old and has a dream: to become an opera singer. When she doesn't have to help her mother with the flower shop, she goes behind the scenes of the theater near her home to spy on the rehearsals. One day Fiammetta has to make a delivery and walks with her friend Rocco through the labyrinthine streets of the town. But suddenly they run into a strange house ...the home of a Witch! Fiammetta is attracted to something that glitters on the table: a pair of theater binoculars. She looks inside it and see herself as young woman, standing in the middle of a big stage with a bouquet of red roses in her hand, blinded by the spotlights. The seasons pass, the flowers bloom.... 

Best Feature Film


 Alice is about to turn eighteen, but she doesn't seem to be ready to grow at all. A dive into the unconscious. A journey in search of a rebirth. A wish of hope to all the souls who choose life instead of suicide. A reasoning on the concept of normality, through the mirror of magical realism.. 

Best Short Doc.

WELLS OF HOPE by Lia Beltrami

"The day we left Syria, the bombings were as strong as rain ...". Hence the story of Shaima, fleeing the war, kidnapped as a victim of trafficking. Is there still hope? You cannot live without it.
Among stones, deserts, mountains and dust, a group of brave Arab women gives life to Wells of Hope, to give answers to the drama of trafficking, together with the worldwide network Talita Kum. They are women of different religions who live in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria. They move between borders, conflicts and refugees. They want to restore the dignity of the victims and rebuild the dignity of the abused people. The path is not easy, but the determination of these women will open a new way..

Best Actor

Andrea Bosca for The Last Crossroad

Best Actress

Françoise Miquelis for Synthetic Love

Best Supporting Actor

Mason Wells for Sleep Tight

Best Supporting Actress

Azzurra Rocchi for Alice and the Land that Wonders

Best Male Director

Alexo Wandael for To My Pink Lady

Best Female Director

Sarah Heitz de Chabaneix for Synthetic Love 

Best Cinematography

Candy Floss by Laura Torenbeek

Best Editing

Hier & Jetzt by Tom Sielemann

Best Music

Bonbon Das Musical by Daniel Meier

Best Screenplay

L'ultimo Crocevia by Paolo Lobbia and Davide Cogni

Best Idea

Mother Mariam by Mustafa Gurbuz

Best Horror Movie

Amygdala by Brent Roofthooft

Best Thriller Movie

La teoria del sangue by Luca Elmi

Best Comedy

Peng by Martin Thaler 

Best Romantic Movie

The True Love of Hubert by Joris Adu

I love Puglia

Quello che resta by Giuseppe Laghezza

Best Fantasy Sci-Fi Movie

Innermind by Lea and Vera Borniotto

Best Drama Movie

Papà Uccidi il Mostro by Fabio Vasco

Best Italian Movie

L'ultimo Fascista by Giulia Magda Martinez

Best Animation Movie

The N.a.p. by Adolfo di Molfetta

Best LGBT Movie

Il Vestito by Maurizio Ravallese

Best TV Pilot

Check, Please! by Eléa Clair and Marine Assaiante 

Special Mention

The Heartbeat of Life by Giuseppe Malpasso

Honorable Mention

London Arabia by Daniel Jewel 

Audience Award

Holestepper by Sergio Fernandez Munos

Festival Director Award

Imbéciles Heureux by Clémentine Odion

InkTip Award 

Alexo Wandael and Cristina Rambaldi for To My Pink Lady

InkTip Award 

Marine Assaiante for Check, Please! 

InkTip Award 

Roberto Serrini for Italy in Bocca 

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