Best Short

INCIDENTALLY by Konstantinos Oikonomou

End of summer 2017, Athens, Greece. 
During the preparation of a festive dinner for her name-day, Elpida will answer in a survey. Distracted from the conversation, it will lead to the revelation of a well-hidden secret.


Best Student Short

MIA by Tom Sielemann

Together, the two siblings Mia and Ben were taken to a psychiatric hospital, after an accident were they lost their mother. But while Mia is looking hopefully into the future, Ben simply cant forget the past.

Best Feature Film

SUSAN by Mahmoud Shoolizadeh

A story of Love and War, basically about a lady name Susan who lives in London, England with her family. She loses her husband in Afghanistan war. She suffers but she faces lots of challenges in her life, though she tries hard to keep this kindness and love, even in the very difficult situation she is facing. While she is alone, full of pain and misery, one unexpected moment happens and this is just the beginning !

Best Short Doc.

DREAMING FOLK by Alessandro Stevanon

Luca lives with pragmatism the thousand complications that disability adds to his days, learning to orient himself in unknown spaces and to renegotiate his balance. His dream, as a child, was to be part of a folkloristic group. The documentary is the story of a unique experience to discover a new dimension and an exchange on the perception of the world.

Best Actor

Peter Kotthaus as "Franz Rakowsko" in Sea at Night directed by Kim Fabienne Hertinger

Best Actress

Maria Kechagioglou as "Elpida" in Incidentally directed by Konstantinos Oikonomou

Best Supporting Actor

Jerome Wright as "Mr. Bolton" in A Boy A Man and a Kite directed by Adam Matalon

Best Supporting Actress

Bruna Matsin as “Ms. Rodaz” in Playing Ourselves directed by Nicolas Alayo

Best Male Director

Nicolas Alayo for Playing Ourselves

Best Female Director

Kim Fabienne Hertinger for Sea at Night

Best Cinematography

FADE IN by Jim Menza

Best Editing

PERFECT LOVE by Darius Etemadieh

Best Music

BEAUTY by Nicola Abbatangelo

Best Screenplay

O.I. by N'cee van Heerden

Best Idea


Best Horror Movie

SHOWER by Jesse Haaja

Best Thriller Movie

GUESSING GAME by Zachary Wincik

Best Comedy

PERFECT FIT by Jesse Haaja

Best Romantic Movie

AMERICAN MARRIAGE by Giorgio Arcelli Fontana

Best Action Movie

MAMBA by Sam Puefua

Best Fantasy Sci-Fi Movie


Best Drama Movie

FORGIVE ME by Cucho L. Capilla

Best Italian Movie

RISORSE UMANE by Giovanni Conte

Best Animation Movie

PANIC ATTACK! by Eileen O'Meara

Best LGBT Movie

NEON HEARTS by Ana Jakimska


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