Best Short

FUNERAL by Marie Vandelannoote 

Julie, Jean, Justine and Antoine reunite for their brother’s funeral wake. An opportunity for them to gather and share their best memories, but also more painful ones. Between laughters and settling scores, they will not only bury a brother but also the convictions, guilt and an authoritarian family that caused, by its adamancy, the loss of one of them". 


Best Student Short

ACQUAMARA by  Edoardo Viterbori

When is it you can't change your life anymore? Cencio is thirty years old. Has a girlfriend. Has an honest job as a fisherman. Debts. The only thing that's different with him, it's he's put in front of a choice. Often times a choice is easy only when times are hard. Truth is, you can change your life if you want to. But you can never going back to how things were. 

Best Feature Film

DRIVE ME TO THE END by Richard Sumers-Calvert 

A dark comedy that centers around Ryan (Richard Summers-Calvert) a son dealing with an internal battle regarding the inevitable loss of his Mother, and Sunny (Kate Lister) who is on the autistic spectrum; desperate to escape the suffocating life that is depicted for her by her overbearing parents. Both characters find themselves isolated, car-sharing to a funeral in Scottland. They have 3 days to get to know each other and subsequently feel comfortable in their own skin.

Best Short Doc.


Courage, bravery, hard work. The Castells are human towers, a very representative feature of the catalan folklore. In this video we appreciate the process by the hand of Castellers de Vilafranca. 

Best Actor

Tony Simonneau as "Max" in Resurrection directed by Sabine Crossen 

Best Actress

Celeste Savino as "Violetta" in Viole' directed by Giovanni B. Algieri

Best Supporting Actor

Abdullah Ghloom as "Old Man" in Wheels by Fahad Shatti 

Best Supporting Actress

Anne-Laure Gruet as "Justine" in Funeral directed by Marie Vandelannoote

Best Male Director

Giovanni B. Algieri for Viole'  

Best Female Director

Marie Vandelannoote for Funeral 

Best Cinematography

A PHOTO by Xinle Ding

Best Editing

t=E/x2 by Andreas Z Simon

Best Music

JINGLE THE DOG - A CHRISTMAS STORY by Chris Bishop and Erin Abbey Bishop

Best Screenplay

BLAKE by David Busch 

Best Idea

FIRE EXTINGUISHER by Rodrigo Sopeña and Joana Solnado

Best Horror Movie

ANNUNCIATION by Massimiliano Reina

Best Thriller Movie

NOX by Keyvan Sheikhalishahi

Best Comedy

16 WEEKS by Carlota Coronado

Best Romantic Movie

INDESCRIBABLE by Alessandro Leo

Best Action Movie

HONOR AMONG THIEVES by Justin Eugene Evans 

Best Fantasy Sci-Fi Movie

PAPA by Brian Peery

Best Drama Movie

FROM KHVRINO by Daria Elena Dashunina

Best Italian Movie

HEREDITY by Raffaele Ceriello

Best Animation Movie


Best LGBT Movie

POETRY NIGHT by Soham Pujara 



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