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Risorse Umane by Giovanni Conte – Italy

Joyeux Noël by Haley Webb – United States

Darkus Buckerbergius by Schikhur – India

Incidentally (Παρεμπιπτόντως) by Konstantinos Oikonomou – Greece

InterNos Le Courtmètrage by Roberto Pantano – Italy

O.I. by N’cee van Heerden – Canada  

Scena Madre by Giuseppe Zampella – Italy

Wicked Tongue by Clare Fog – United Kingdom

American Marriage by Giorgio Arcelli Fontana – United States

Petrichor by Ava Ismaiylova – United States

Fade In by Jim Menza – United States

Orchid by Marit Mei-tsan Stafstrom – United States

First Light (Taupunkt) by Jonas Thielcke – Germany

E il naufragar m’è dolce in questo mare by Maria Bulzacchelli – Italy

Life’s Rich Tapestry (Le Grand Tableau De La Vie) by Amy Clarkson – United Kingdom

Beauty by Nicola Abbatangelo – Italy

Guessing Games by Zachary Wincik – United States

My Name is Art by Shahab Zargari – United States

Better than life (Лучше Чем В Жизни) by Vis Vitalis – Russian Federation

Temptation of Sain Francis by Johnnie Semerad – United States

Nasty Habits by Allisyn Arm – United States

Who Will Stop Me by Noëlle Toland – United States

Fair Fight by Luis Miguel Leal – United States

Furrow by Jesse Haaja – Finland

Shower by Jesse Haaja – Finland

Perfect fit by Jesse Haaja – Finland

Jade by Angela Fleming – Australia

Mamba by Sam Puefua – United States

A boy a Man and a Kite by Adam Matalon – United Kingdom

Sepia by Vicente Almuna – United States

Sea at Night (Meer bei Nacht) by Kim Fabienne Hertinger – Germany

Playing Ourselves by Nicolas Alayo – United States

The Best Way to Murder by Nick Gavin and Mae Claire – United States

Shadows by Kiriakos Kotsinis – Greece

Panick Attack! By Eileen O’Meara – United States

Send me to hell, Baby by Todd Davies – Canada

The Night of the Hungry Turtle (Die Nacht der hungrigen Schildkröten) by Shamila Lengsfeld – Germany

Shinaakht by Pragyesh Singh – India

Chapter One: Alone by Brian Peery – United States

Interpretations of “N” Words by Kiel Robinson – United Kingdom

Territory (Uzemi) by Anthony Coveney – Canada

Perfect Love by Darius Etemadieh – Germany

Vita 2 by Antonio Cofano – Italy

Spremuta di Most(r)o by Daniel Mercatali -– Italy

Winter's Waltz by Joseph Morel - United Kingdom

Deserter by Rodrigo Tavares - Portugal

Generation Zero by Giuseppe Celentano - Italy

Rueful Warrior by Mark Owen - United Kingdom 

The Man Who Killed James Bond by Francesco Guarnori - Italy

The game is on by Thaimko Conteh - Germany 

Departure by Nicolas Morganti Patrignani - Italy 

Mamma Racconta by Luca Alessandro - Italy 

The Unsung Feather by Aastha Verma - United States 

The Fisherman's Lure by Nick Maltby - United Kingdom 

Forgive me (Me perdonas?) by Cucho L. Capilla - Spain 

The last Pixie by Seb Cox - United States Minor Outlying Islands

Cancrelat by Stephan Bookas - United Kingdom

Roger by Reuben Hamlyn - United Kingdom



Alice by Cesare Fraticelli – United Kingdom

Aysan by Mehrshad Kheradmandi – Iran

Neon Hearts (Неонски срца) by Ana Jakimska – Macedonia

Good Old Days by Pedro Nogueira – Portugal

Mia by Tom Sielemann – Germany

Monstruos by Alejandro Santaella Vera – Spain

Nostalgia by Kara Tsenov – Canada

Remaining Thoughts (残念) by Arcklot Hal – China

A moment of Love by Julian Rachev – Bulgaria

Rightful Retribution by Cai Tinsley – United Kingdom

In front of the mirror (Allo specchio) by Stefano Dattrino – Italy

Welcome to Tsunami Village (ウェルカム・トゥ・ツナミヴィレッジ)by Arata Shigeno – Myanmar

Agnes by Raffaele Grasso - Italy

Reverie by Raphael Moraton - France

My Label by Janne Janssens - Belgium

Buffet by Laura Aliukonyte and Akvile Gelaziute - Lithuania

Simelibarg by Seraina Scherini - Switzerland



Violet is Blue: A Tale of Gibbons and Guardians by Alex M. Azmi – United States

The Man of the Trees (L’homme des arbres) by Andrea Trivero – Italy

My theatre by Kazuya Ashizawa – Japan

Lourdes by Anthony Collings – United States

Blue Butterfly (Mavi Kelebek) by Okan Erünsal – Turkey

The Real CASINO by Joseph Alexandre – United States

Black Pioneer Season 3 by Robert Butler – United States

The Vulture by Kondor Shekari – Iran

Dreaming Folk by Alessandro Stevanon - Italy

5X7 by Michele Citoni - Italy

Strangers in the Heart of Europe by Jan Paschen - Germany

Antonio Ramos Espeyo, The Dawn of Cinema in China by Rafael Nieto and Nacho Toro - Spain

Blessing and Vows by Katerina Zacharia - United States




Rendel by Jesse Haaja – Finland

Beneath – A Cave Horror Film by JJ Perez – United States

Susan by Mahmoud Shoolizadeh – United Kingdom

Dio non ti odia by Fabrizio La Monica – Italy

Mosul by Dan Gabriel – United States

The History of Everything Circa 1993 to the Present F/K/A Kissy Cousins Monster Babies and Morphing Elvis y Wayne Keeley – United States

Triggers by Tony Aaron II – United States

Galore by Dylan Tonk – Netherland

Bozkir look at the birds (BOZKIR KUŞLARA BAK KUŞLARA) by Mehmet Tanrisever – Turkey

Keep the fire lit - lost tribes of Texas by Fox Redsky - United States 

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