Best Short

LOVE AND JOY by Michelle Bossy

After dropping her daughter off at her ex-husband’s for Christmas, a loving Mom searches for joy in her absence.. 


Best Student Short


" Little Tommy's vivid and ardent dreams are shatter when, now an adult, life forces him to take different paths from the ones he so longed for. A job that badly digests, past failures and the fear of seeing them repeat prevent him from finding the courage and strength to fight to recover that long-lost happiness. A wish of hope to all those who like him do not live, but survive."

Best Feature Film

THE DOOR ON THE DARK by Marco Cassini

Marco and Claudia are a long-standing couple in crisis. They decide to go and live in a new apartment, hoping to improve their relationship. But Marco is almost convinced that his woman has betrayed him, and does everything to prove his thesis.
The house they are in is very special. And there is a blue door that, according to the owner, can not be opened for any reason. Claudia claims that there is something behind that door, or even someone. Marco instead is a rational man, who struggles to believe in the existence of supernatural entities. Unfortunately for them, behind that door hides something much bigger than what they could imagine.

Best Short Doc.

WELLS OF HOPE by Lia Beltrami

"The day we left Syria, the bombings were as strong as rain ...". Hence the story of Shaima, fleeing the war, kidnapped as a victim of trafficking. Is there still hope? You cannot live without it. Among stones, deserts, mountains and dust, a group of brave Arab women gives life to Wells of Hope, to give answers to the drama of trafficking, together with the worldwide network Talita Kum. They are women of different religions who live in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria. They move between borders, conflicts and refugees. They want to restore the dignity of the victims and rebuild the dignity of the abused people. The path is not easy, but the determination of these women will open a new way.

Best Actor

Fabrizio Giannuzzi as «Priest» in Quello che resta by

Giuseppe Pippo Laghezza

Best Actress

Beka as «LadyBird» in Something about Henry by
John Borowski

Best Supporting Actor

Fabio Massenzi as «Ragazzo» in Il Secchio by Mattia Riccio 

Best Supporting Actress

Trudy Ager as «Jackie» in Australia Calling by Jodi Haigh

Best Male Director

Fabio Vasco for Papà uccidi il mostro

Best Female Director

Carmen Rosa Vargas for 
Sonata for a Calendar

Best Cinematography

Something about Henry by 
John Borowski

Best Editing

Here and Now by 
Tom Sielemann

Best Music

Love and Joy by 
Michelle Bossy


Best Screenplay

To Kill a Truth by 
Kiriakos Kotsinis

Best Idea

La spada di gomma by 
Luigi Russo

Best Horror Movie

Amygdala by 
Brent Roofthooft


Best Thriller Movie

Long Pig by 
Riccardo Suriano


Best Comedy

Australia Calling by 
Jodi Haigh

Best Romantic Movie

Manasanamaha by 
Deepak Reddy


Best Acting Ensemble

The cast of  You’re mine! by
Pascal Lastrajoli


Best Fantasy Sci-Fi Movie

The Stars my Destination by 
Keishi Suenaga

Best Drama Movie

Papà uccidi il mostro by 
Fabio Vasco

Best Italian Movie

Russian Novel by

Rosanna Reccia, Alberto Vianello

Best LGBT Movie

Here and Now by 
Tom Sielemann