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Are you volleyball?! By Mohammad Bakhshi – Iran

MareNostrum by Maryam Rahimi – Italy

Oh, Boy… by Loring Murtha – United States

Sweet Release by Meeshelle Neal – Canada

Under The Blade by Javid Farahani – Iran

Roya by Fatmeh Sadat Seyed Azizi – Iran

Broccoli by Ivan Sainz-Pardo – Spain

The Indie Pendent by Adriano Davi – Italy

The Monarch Guild by Jason Ancona – United States

Il Cioccolatino by Rosario Petix – Italy

Red Hands by Francesco FIlippi – Italy

BeLonging (Être ou en être) by Gauthier Raad – Lebanon

Peek-A-Boo (Cucu) by Victor Marin – Spain

Sela (drink) by Rafieka Davis – South Africa

Memory Man by Christopher M Armstrong – United Kingdom

The Wait (L’attesa) by Angela Bevilacqua – Italy

Family Vacation (Familienurlaub) by Fabian Giessler – Germany

Letters from a Father by Andrea Fantauzzi – United States

Lovely by Gabriela Tollman – United States

L’inversione dei poli by Antonio Miorin – Italy

I’ve Had Enough! (Trop c’est trop) by John M. Keller – France

The Broadcast by Darya Sviridenko – Russian Federation

Little Achilles (Der kleine Achill) by Sebastian Jansen – Germany

Introducing Librophileas spa (Predstavljanje Knjigoljuba) by Ivica Valentic – Croatia

Horrorscope by Pol Diggler – Spain

Hold Onto The Top by Gadi Yampel – Israel

The Beach Boy by Hannes Rall – Germany

Them by Robin Lochmann – Germany

A picture in the 21st century by Stefan Pecher – Austria

Athena by Christian Stahl – Germany

Bagheera by Christopher R. Watson – India

Cold Storage by Thomas Freundlich – Finland

The Visit (Der Besuch) by Christian Werner – Germany

Desaturated by Marina Sepanska – Ukraine

The big questions in life (Die grossen fragen des lebens) by Ingrid Hübsher – Germany

Final Act (Ultimo Acto) by Maria Hespanhol – Portugal

Greenkeeper by Lisa Pozo Nunes – Germany

Doing Big Jobs (Grossmachen) by Johannes Huth – Germany

Cover Up (Handarbeit) by Marie-Amélie Steul – Germany

I, wretched man (Ich armer mensch) by Bastian Wilplinger – Austria

The Great President (Il grande presidente) by Giovanni Basso – Italy

In pieces (En morceaux) by Guillaume Tordjman – France

Before Dawn (Iris après la nuit) by Gabriel Vanderpas – Belgium

Somebody and Nobody (Jemand und Niemand) by Joscha Douma – Germany

Love Thy Neighbour by Amanda Aagard and Alexander Toma – Sweden

The Flying of leaves by Juan Pablo Etcheverry and Nathalie Signorini – Italy

Marisol by Zoe Salicrup – United States

Marquet Place by Annick Christiaens – Belgium

State of the Union (Lage der Nation) by Keno Bueltena – Germany

Menuett by Felix Karolus – Germany

Mila by Anderas Vakalios – Greece

MMF by Leonard Garner – Germany

Muffin by Daniel Bolda – Greece

The Gaze from above (Oyet I det Høye) by Lisa Enes – Norway

Relicious by Eugenio Villani and Raffaele Palazzo – Italy

Rude Boys by Ken Hagen-Takenaka – Germany

Stubling Stones (Stolpersteine) by Reza Sam Mosadegh – Germany

The Boogeywoman by Erica Scoggins – United States

The pressure point (Le point de pression) by Luka Knezevic – Czech Republic

The Scorpion’s tale by Jhosimar Vasquez – United States

The Sound of Unexpected Death by Alexander Sagmo – Denmark

Under Mom’s Skirt (Les Trompes De Ma Mere) by Sarah Heitz De Chabaneix – France

Underpressure by Lilli Schwabe – Austria

Way Back by Per Kasch – South Africa

Committed (Yom Ragil) by Lee Gilat – Israel

Zero Gravity by Lukas Hablitzel – Germany

Quotes for life (Zitate für leben) by Monty Scholz – Germany

The Picture by Adam Lipsius – United States

Virgo, A Women’s cold feet (Virgo, I piedi freddi delle donne) by Massimo Ivan Falsetta – Italy

Tonino by Gaetano Del Mauro – Italy

Weekend by Mario Porfito – Italy

One day in July by Hermes Mangialardo – Italy

Forget-me-nots (Nomeolvides) by Miguel Berzal de Miguel – Spain

Tristan & Kelly by Sarah Ann Masse and Nick Afka Thomas – United States

Time to Change by Maryam Rahimi – Iran

Save 2.0 by Ivan Sainz-Pardo – Spain

Falter by Harriet Maria Meining and Peter Meining – Germany

In the hut of Mr. Van Den Brink (Im Häuschen von herrn Van Den Brink) by Björn Renner – Germany

The Dakota family (La famille Dakota) by Toni Hilgersson – Belgium

Lilli by Sascha Zimmermann – Germany

Lolo by Leandro Goddinho and Paulo Menezes – Germany

Rea by Joanna Bielinski – Germany

The Dishwasher by Nick Hartanto and Sam Roden – United States

A Mind Trip: From Artificial Intelligence to Lucid Dream by Alaa Abi Haidar – Portugal

Dropped by Aaron Craig – United States

The Bottom Turn by Michael A McDougall – Indonesia



iRony by Radheya Jegatheva – Australia

Your Smile by Haocen Yang – China

Meow by Yu Shu Grace Wang – United States

The Filligan Case (Le Cas Filligan) by Enzo Croisier – France

Somewhere in Moldavia by Ligia Ciornei – Romania

The Wish & The Wisp by Vashmere Valentine – United States

Under the Blanket by Tatia Akhalshenashvili – Georgia

Blitz Spirit by Sean Ramsden – United Kingdom

Anne by Vijay Renga – United States

Synchronicity by Michelle Brand – United Kingdom

The Last of His Kind (Der Letzte Seiner Art) by Jànik von Wilmsdorff – Germany

Elephant in the room by Chanelle Eidenbenz – Switzerland

Eternity by Anna Sobolevska – Ukraine

Day Release (Freigang) by Martin Winter – Austria

Kaugummiblase by Anja Gurres – Germany

Milk by Samiramis Kia – Canada

Journey by Radheya Jegatheva – Australia

Moth by Shu Zhu – United States

Offbeat by Myrte Ouwerkerk – Netherlands

Therese by Fabiana Serpa – Switzerland

Till the end of the world by Florence Bouvy – Netherlands

And Now (Und Jetzt) by Michel Linzer – Germany

The Quiet by Radheya Jegatheva – Australia

Lunchbox by Demet Derelioglu Aran – Turkey

Paté by Matthew Emery – United States

You know what I have nightmares about by Aglaja Filipovic – Serbia

The Journey of Story Float by Yung-Lin Chen – Taiwan

The Bus 33 by Aleksandr Bolsheshalskii – Russian Federation

The book of Sabeth (Das Buch Sabeth) by Florian Kogler – Austria

04_EMIL_CASTING.mp4 by Lili Zahavi – Germany

Cow can’t Swim (Kühe Können Nicht Schwimmen) by Jonas Möllmann – Germany



Wash Me Please by Ali Nikfar and Saeid Mayahy – Iran

The Little Count by Paul Stainthorpe – United Kingdom

#Therapy by Luc Godonou Dossou – Switzerland

Deep Roots (Dans Nos Veines) by Luc Godonou Dossou – Switzerland

Never Give Up by Jonathan Schörnig – Malta

People of the Wasteland (Soukaan Al-ard Al-Yabaab) by Heba Khaled – Syrian Arab Republic

Retratos de mi madre (Potraits of my mother) by Tavo Ruiz – Germany

Stekenjokk and The Guardians of the Eggs (Stekenjokk och Äggvaktarna) by Per Bifrost and Alexander Rynéus – Sweden

The Man who looked beyond the horizon by Martijn Blekendaal – Netherlands

Briganti by Fabrizio Urso and Bruno Urso – Italy

Remote by Edouard Paquet – United Kingdom

Invisible by Shirin Barghnavard – Iran

Our Territory (Notre Territoire) by Mathieu Volpe – Belgium




The Other Half (Vishama Bhaga) by Lalith Rathnayake – Sri Lanka

No News (Sin novedad) by Miguel Berzal de Miguel – Spain

Bang! By Richard Szotyori – Switzerland

Final Transit by Richard Benter – United States

Coming from Insanity by Akinyemi Sebastian Akinropo – Nigeria

Aleksi by Barbara Vekaric – Croatia

Midnight Song by Arunjit Borah – India

The Rest Is Just Noise by Christopher Hall – United States

’95 by Kofi Kyei – Ghana

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