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Chasm by Lewis Peake – United Kingdom

Minor Key (Tono Menor) by Ivan Sainz Pardo – Spain

The Animator by Trent Shy – United States

La Dame e le Roi by Anis Absi – Tunisia

Two Dum Micks by D.B. Sweeney – United States

Nice to meet you (Piacere di conoscerti) by Stefano Sgarbi – Italy

The Crown of the Queen by Mauricio Zeballos Puccherelli – Bolivia

What Remains (Ce qu’il Reste) by Matthieu Duval – France

Cuckoo Pills by Cynthia Bravo – United States

Check (Scacco) by Luca De Benedetti – Italy

NOM by Angel Hernandez Suarez - Spain

Invisible (Invisibile) by Max Nardari – Italy

Love has no religion (L’amore non ha religione) by Max Nardari – Italy

Draw Your Gun by Wouter Jansen – Netherlands

The Burning Red by Fabrizio Ancillai – Italy

Stood Up by Cjay Boisclair – Canada

Dreaming of the Moon by Michael Step – United Kingdom

C’è di mezzo il mare by Daviden Angiuli – Italy

Red Omen – Ed Roman by Ed Roman and Nelson Diaz – United States

Trust Exercise (Упражнение за доверие) by Vilma Kartalska – Bulgaria

After the war by Abdelrahman Ahmed ElSayed – Egypt

Baxu and the Giants by Florian Schott – Namibia

A Glimpse by Tom Turner – United Kingdom

Dalia by Marco Mingolla – Italy

Trap by Paul James – New Zealand

Dance of the Porcelain Demons by Cat Watson – United Kingdom

Put Your Heart Into It by Cory Kerr – United States

Apparently Alone (Apparentemente Solo) by Riccardo Trentadue – Italy

L’ora di Porto by Dario Di Viesto – Italy

Abiura by Giovanni B. Algieri – Italy

Banalities (Banalidades) by Rafael de Andrade – Brazil

Extra Large and Extra Spooky by Jeremy Stewart – United States

Charon by Mario M. Maquedano – France

Architecture Life Dialogue by Inessa Kraft

The last days (Gli Ultimi Giorni) by Martina Selva – Italy

Perfidious by Louis Watterson – United States

Coffin Decolleté (كفن ديكولتيه) by Nancy Kamal – Egypt

The Last Call by Marcus Slabine – United States

Genericamente by Giulio Neglia – Italy

Hello, Obey Me! By Amrr Fekry – Egypt

Kingdom Anthem: The Kingdom Descends Upon the World by The Church of Almighty God – Korea

Extra Innings by John Grey – United States

The Desecretated by John Gray – United States

Starshot by Samuel Perriard – Switzerland

Dark Corners of your Mind by Phillip Lehn – United States

“Rock & Roll” by Christopher Beech – United Kingdom

Mister Anyone (Monsieur Quiconque) by Adalberto Lombardo – Italy

Bucky by Geoffrey Gould – United States

Ms. Rossi (Signorina Rossi) by Pat Battistini – Italy

Time by Petra de Nijs – Netherlands

Detective 313 by Chin Yang – United States

Ram by Michele Sorrentino Mangini – Italy

Your Reality by Top Tarasin – United Kingdom

The Twins by Ibrahim Korayem – Egypt

Lack by Parisa Sedaei Azar and Ramin Farzaneh – Iran

All the things you are by Bjorn Ante Roe – United States

A Ferry Tale by Mehmet Tigli – Turkey

Footsteps by Dave Bean – United States

Three in a Coffin by Eric L Hansen – United States

The Lake- FC 30 (O3EPO -FC30) by Edward Kowzan – Russian Federation

Lamiya by Giovanni Piperno – Italy

Kampung Tapir by Aw See Wee – Malaysia

Let Me Be In The Sky by Farzan Farhangian – Iran

The Bridge by Adriano Davi – Italy

Forouzan by Mirabbas Khosravinezhad – Iran



Chaos on the Aquatic Express by Sean Ramsden and James Hamblin – United Kingdom

Un Passo Avanti by Antonela Barbera and Fabio Leone – Italy

Cactus by Lidia Milette Artigas – Spain

Film D’auteur by Tobias Vees – Austria

Letting Go by Louis Djalili – United Kingdom

Rowers Short Documentary by Joseph Fuller – Ireland

Unsaid by Sam Dobbs – United States

Get Up Eight by Gabrielle Rosson – United States

Echo by Gabriele Di Sazio – United States

Suonare per Te by Gioele Pezzella – Italy

Osariya by Calvin Chinthaka – United Kingdom

Sunset Ivory by Bree Nieves – Unites States

T-POT by Shelley Welch and Mohammad Rastkar – Canada

The Border by Norman Tamkivi – United Kingdom

Barbo by Nicolas Jakubiak – Turkey

Halfway (Félùton) by Kristòf Lendvai – Hungary

Bob by Lauri Elstela – Finland

Memory by Shihui Cao – United States

War Machine by Ivva Dimanova – Bulgaria

#Help by Peter Engelmann – Hungary

June (六月) Yangzuan Zhou – China

4 Days after Christmas by Peter Hoferica – Slovakia

Waiting by the phone by Olivia Jensen – United States

Cascade by Sam Lee – Australia

Play by Piotr Sulkowski – Poland

Marie Curie by Dora Martinkova – United Kingdom

Tableaux Vivants e la realtà multimediale by Antonio Avossa – Italy

Bambiland (Bambilend) by Danilo Stanimirovic – Serbia

Space Cleaners by Marco Hulser – Germany



L’impronta del postino by Cristiano Esposito – Italy

Reuven Does the Neighborhood One Last Time by Richard Daniels – United States

Aspire to the Sky: The Wilshire Grand Story by Dilip Khatri – United States

Super Eastbound Bros. (Zwei Pfosten auf dem Weg nach Osten) by Waldemar Schleicher – Germany

A new deal for Public Art in the Free States by Graham Carroll and Kara Heitz – United States

Chasing my friend, Mr. Cormorant by Freddy Moyano – United States

To live, to sail by Lana Saric – Croatia

Χωρίς Λόγο (Without any Reason) by Franziska Hany – Switzerland

The Wilshire Grand Story: Tech Talk by Dilip Khatri – United States




The Enemies (მტრები) by Giorgi Gachava – Georgia

I nostri passi diversi by Alberto Bennati – Italy

Tinhisanja – The Twilight by Ulhas Adhav – India

Bassil’ora by Rebecca Basso – Italy

Unknown Visitors by Isaac Rodriguez – United States 

Adira’s Dream by Oliver Williams – United Kingdom

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