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Best Short

CON I PEDONI TRA LE NUVOLE by Maurizio Rigatti

Luisa, an elderly lady marked by the pains of life, will soon have to leave the house where she has always lived to move to a retirement home. Her life will take a turn after meeting Dario, a young man sent by a cooperative to take care of Luisa. Their meeting will be a breath of fresh air for both of them, Luisa will make peace with the ghosts of her past while Dario will finally find his place in the world.


Best Student Short

LATE CHECK OUT by Ivan Trpimir Lozić

At the dawn of the new, post-Corona summer season, young Ferenc booked a room in Split for one night. But Ferenc meets the strange owner and quickly realizes that he didn’t get what he expected. During the night, he is unexpectedly joined by a new guest with whom he introduces all the treasures of tourism in the "new normal".


Best Feature Film

LOOK WHO'S THERE by Riccardo Camilli

 Claudia, saleswoman in an underwear shop, lives in the suburb of Rome. She’s got an eighteen years old daughter, Nina, with which she shares everything, including the sorrow she keeps inside since three years: Marco, their “man-of-the-house”, died, together with other 9 people, during the breakdown of a bridge in the region of Marche, while he was coming back from a vinyl market, his greatest passion. Life goes on sadly: customers gossip about Claudia’s disgrace, the press looks for her only to benefit from that terrible matter, her eldest sister Katia throws herself away into very nasty relationships, her mother Marisa can’t start a new life after her wedding has fallen apart, Nina can’t let herself go to her first sexual nor sentimental experiences… 


Best Short Doc.

ROMY, I'M SHY by Andreas Gruetzner 

Juergen Vollmer met The Beatles 1960 in Hamburg music club Kaiserkeller.
They hung around together, Vollmer started photographing them and when they met again in Paris, The Beatles insisted to get his haircut. Narrow-minded Hamburg in the 50th and 60th made him escape to
Paris. He took pictures of beatniks while having sex, moved on to New York and L.A., where he started his career as set photographer on Hollywood filmsets (J.V.: ‘It was awful most of the time’) and took picture of several stars.

end of discussion actor.jpg

Best Actor

Joel Cramer for End of Discussion

pedoni attrice.jpg

Best Actress

Milena Vukotic for Con i Pedoni tra le nuvole


Best Supporting Actor

Henri Olmeta for The Last Journey

tania angelosanto.jpg

Best Supporting Actress

Tania Angelosanto for Look Who's There

seed of hope nando morra.jpg

Best Male Director

Nando Morra for The Seed of Hope


Best Female Director

Ava Bounds for Hello Frisco


Best Cinematography

A Century of Dreams


Best Editing

Tutto Passa


Best Music



Best Screenplay

I am God

original sin.jpg

Best Idea

Original Sin


Best Comedy

Idiot on Cue


Best Thriller Movie

La fotografia


Best Fantasy Sci-Fi Movie



Best Drama Movie

Tutto Passa


Best Italian Movie

Con i Pedoni tra le nuvole


Best Acting Ensemble



Best Animation Movie



Honorable Mention

The Crying Steppe


Special Mention

Aria Prima


Special Mention



Special Mention

The Chernobyl Saga

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